Doing business with us, is being a part of Latochema’s family.

Latochema is an innovative, agile, international chemical supplier with regional portfolios, providing high-quality chemical raw materials, advanced additives and innovative solutions. Our experience, professionalism, commitment and dedication have driven our successful transformation. The continuous trust of our customers helped us to become who we are today. Hence why, we treat our customers like family.  Our core values of integrity, responsibility, transparency, flexibility and innovation have sustained many long-term business relationships over our active years.

An innovative philosophy, in-depth expertise, value customers

and a desire to follow the changing world is what defines Latochema.

In the course of more than 25 years of presence, our company has achieved a renowned reputation in the chemical industry with the success of product development and expansion across the globe. As a global chemical supplier in sales, marketing and distribution of chemical raw materials operating in more than 30 countries worldwide, we are dedicated to supply chemical raw materials for different  industries such as food and animal feeding, industrial, fertilisers and personal care. Our company offers a wide range of services primarily focused in the fields of chemistry, logistics and compliance-related management.

We adapt a proactive attitude by finding the best solutions for our clients from solving extremely complicated chemical issues to protecting the environment. Latochema is strongly positioned to keep our momentum going ; Commitment is more than just a word at Latochema. It is an essence of our business etiquette.

Value Through Expertise


We value harmonious stakeholders relationships and integrity by exhibiting honesty, trustworthy and kindness at all times and treating customers and suppliers as long-term partners with candour and respect. We combine our 25 years of market expertise and product knowledge with an innovative and creative mindset for the future market. Our leading innovative philosophy creates sustainable and integrated solutions in various fields in the chemical industry and improves the performance of products and services for our customers.


We succeed through world-class performance and professionalism, focusing on superior execution and quality, product access, optimised logistics and productivity. Our suppliers are located across the globe with regional based representatives of Latochema. Our customers benefit from our global reach and connections with exclusive access to  the latest products, supply sources and information regarding the global chemical industry.


Thinking Global, Acting Local. We thrive on profitable and sustainable growth, by continuously seeking new markets and potential opportunities. Our corporate vision is to become your value-added supplier and your first choice of world-class quality and professionalism in chemical raw materials. Let us help.


Environmentally responsible, clean-label, natural ingredients, superior performance are only some of what consumers desire nowadays. Our corporate focus is to investigate specific ingredients and additives that can help our customers produce products tailored to their requirements. Our product portfolio is expanding every day building on a wide variety of technical specialty products in order to satisfy existing demands and the new market trend.


The right product at the right place at the right price is what our customers want. Our team of experts travel around the world and connect our customers with global supply solutions. Latochema provides professional consultancy and exceptional  service with bespoke solutions for each customer.