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Latochema was established and headquartered in Paris in 1992, with three other regional offices located in France, Greece and Cyprus. Our company based her development on diachronic, innovating and evolutionary perspectives. Latochema, with more than 28 years of experience and profound regional knowledge, guarantees access to worldwide markets. With a focus on dedicated expertise, Latochema has an enviable network of competitive global supply in the chemical industry and is committed to achieve the best sustainable results for our supply partners, which highlights the significance of our leading market position in providing discerning professional services throughout many years.  

Our core business areas are food & feed additives, technical-grade chemicals for industrial use, specific agro chemicals and fertilisers. Representing major producers in Europe, South Asia, India, South Africa, Australia and North America, our sales executives are market-focused technical experts, who finds the best solutions to solve problems effectively for our customer by utilising our comprehensive and complementary product portfolio. We help to define our suppliers’ goals, support their philosophies and execute their strategies in our target markets. Latochema is the 1st company in Europe to register Ammonium Chloride for animal feeding purposes in the European Commission. As a registered company for feed sales, we supply Ammonium Chloride and other feed additives in Europe with attractive fundamentals and expected long-term evolution.

At Latochema, our corporate mission is to provide our clients with chemical solutions that meet and exceed their needs. Our clients can rely on us for finding viable solutions that are environmental friendly and cost efficient to their specific requirements. Based on profound knowledge and experience, we are able to provide bespoke and customised solutions in order to satisfy each specific requirements, because we understand that chemical solutions are not a one-size-fits-all decision. As a high-quality chemical supplier, it is our goal to go above and beyond customers’ needs by persistently offering creative marketing-leading ideas to our customers in the contemporary business world. Latochema is constantly sourcing innovative products that meet demands of dynamic industries across the globe. We pride ourselves on our technical and solutions-oriented approach to our customers’ needs.

Our aim is to be the partner of choice for industries seeking competitive and sustainable solutions for their raw materials developments. Our one-of-a-kind professional services are irreplaceable, being the first and only choice of our customers is the company’s toughest bet.

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