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Latochema provides a wide range of raw materials for the personal care and cosmetic industries. Our commitment to participate in trading and industrial exhibitions around the globe permits us to stay abreast of the latest trends in personal care and to grow our product portfolio in a dynamic and evolving industry.

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Positioning quality as the top priority. Building flavour and aromas is a gradual and complex process that requires competencies, experience, and know-how. Our approach to building both flavour and aroma is based on achieving the highest quality, reliability and traceability while manufacturing as sustainably as possible.
Having acknowledged the on-going changes in hair beauty aspirations across different nations, we are passionate about the beauty trends and bright hair science. We supply ingredients that enable customers to  discover the power of truly beautiful hair – through ultimate care and styling every day.
At Latochema, we believe that beautiful skin is a powerful mechanism to express the beauty of an individual. Driven by a deep rooted sense of beautiful skin and a global understanding of one’s beauty aspirations, we use our long-standing skin expertise and bright science across leading facial skin and body care technologies to make a real difference to one’s skin sensations, appearance and protection.
Nowadays, there is nothing more harmful and beneficial than the sun. We insist in protecting skin and hair everyday. Therefore, we adapt our science and competencies to protect people from dangerous side effects while enjoying the sun in the summer. With UV filter technologies and skin care actives as well as sensory and formulation expertise, we help to create protective day and beach care.

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