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At Latochema, we are excited to present a strong and growing portfolio of products for the animal feed industry. Growing populations, increased meat consumption in rapidly developing economies, the need for higher quality feed and healthy eating… these are only some factors shaping animal nutrition.

Our goal is to achieve these high-quality standards that help farmers, agriculture, and ultimately the end consumer. We are focused on delivering value-added products to our feed clients to improve the pet food industry. Our product range includes Ammonium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, natural olive antioxidants, carrageenan, Choline Chloride and L-lysine of different percentage and many more products.

Quality feed gives quality to our food.

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Latochema is proud to be BASF’s preferable distributor for Ammonium Chloride feed grade since our partnership in 2012. We offer Ammonium Chloride as a feed additive in premixes or other types of feed for all ruminants (cows, beef, sheep and goats) and pets (cats and dogs).
Latochema guarantees the Potassium Chloride feed grade through a treatment and control quality in accordance with all European directives and regulations.
Due to an increasing demand of fish and seafood, the world has focused on healthier eating habits leading to an increased consumption of fishes. This has led to a fast growing and high on demand of the global aquaculture. Latochema’s feed ingredients facilitate the industry to produce consistent, high quality, nutritious fishes all year round.
Pigs are fast growers, and they benefit the food chain in many ways. However, the requirements for management and feeding practice have been driven by changes in the economies as well as environmental challenges. We add value to the pork chain through the supply of high quality products benefiting customers, consumers and the environment.
Today’s pet food industry is an interesting challenge. An array of opportunities in new solutions and product development is seen as a result of changing consumer trends, new production technologies, nutritional research and increasing globalisation. We contribute to the health and wellness of pets by providing them with a broader range of functional ingredients that support a long and healthy life.
Τhe world’s growing demand for white meat, recognises chicken as the primary source of healthy and affordable food to feed a growing population. With our expertise in feed additives we contribute to growth, performance, health and welfare of the animals, which enable feed cost savings and encourage a more sustainable animal production.
Dairy and beef cattles as well as sheeps and goats are important segments of animal farming. Our range of nutritional feed additives advocates optimum lifetime performance, feed efficiency, animal health and welfare.

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