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Latochema is proud to offer a wide variety of  functional ingredients from world-class suppliers helping customers succeed by meeting the diverse, evolving nutritional needs of consumers worldwide. We manage and operate the entire product line for the meat, bakery, beverage, cacao, confectionery, dairy, infant nutrition, low sodium diet, potable water, sauce & dressings and wine industries.

We understand that the food industry is constantly evolving. Thus, we strive to source innovative ingredients from around the globe, in order to increase competitiveness and establish a differentiation of our products in the market.

Latochema retains the highest standards for the quality and traceability of our products. We employ a team of professionals and logistics experts, who provide a comprehensive in-depth knowledge from both technical and regulatory perspectives to our customers.

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Latochema Co Ltd supplies Potassium Chloride food grade that is both HALAL and KOSHER certified. We own the exclusivity of the product with our bespoke manufacturer. Latochema Co Ltd is offering a range of flexibilities to our customers that many suppliers and manufacturers lack. Our Potassium Chloride food grade material can be customised to our clients’ preferences with variations in particle sizes. The material can be mixed with a variety of anti-caking agents that facilitates the possibility to blend in with other materials. Due to its high flexibility in customisation, our food grade Potassium Chloride material guarantees safety and competitiveness in the food industry. The product is manufactured in accordance with FCC VII, CODEX Alimentarius and European regulations ; EU No 231/2012, E508.
We offer a variety of ingredients for the baking industry to improve your baking performance. Our natural, easy-to-use baking solutions allow you to maximise benefits from raw materials; streamline your production processes; and produce consistently high quality baked goods that look, feel and taste great. Products such as Calcium Propionate, Vitamin C, Citric Acid and more.

Contact our team about the newest additions to our portfolio for bakery. Looking for an allergen-free and gluten-free protein source for bread? Pea protein is the future solution.

Whether you want to formulate a flavoured water or an energy, soft or sports drink, Latochema’s solutions are your new route to beverage success. Our newest beverage ingredients can be discovered in our product list or by contacting our team for further information.
If you’re looking to improve your brewing efficiency with quality and consistency assured beer at lower cost…look no further than Latochema. We give you control over your production processes with high quality beer wherever you operate, and whatever your specific beer challenge is. Among our products is a full line of PVPP and Calcium Chloride.
Potassium Carbonate and Potassium Hydroxide can be used in cacao beans treatment for the production of cacao powder. For chocolates, we supply ingredients such as Lecithin, Citric Acid and more.

Cocoa products are made from cocoa beans, the kernels of the cocoa fruit. These fruits sprout directly from the trunk and the thicker branches of the cocoa tree. In the wild, these trees can grow to a height of fifteen metres. In cultivated forms they are kept shorter, up to four or five metres, in order to facilitate harvesting. Cocoa beans grow all year round, with thousands of small flowers. The taste of cocoa is unique. It possesses a delicious aroma, used in many food products for extra flavour and colour. The best-known, but certainly not the only, cocoa product is of course chocolate, which is made from cocoa mass (or “cocoa liquor”), cocoa butter and a sweetening agent, usually sugar. In reality, it is not only the type of bean and the drying process that determine the colour and the taste. The manufacturing process also has a strong influence on the ultimate product. The colour of cocoa powder, for example, may vary from light orange yellow to dark reddish brown.

Apart from its taste and flavour, cocoa is nutritious. The edible part of the cocoa bean – the ‘nib’ or kernel – contains about 55 % fat (with 36 % monounsaturated and 4 % polyunsaturated fatty acids) and 25 % carbohydrates. After roasting the nib, it contains approximately 12 % protein, 5 % water, 3.5 % minerals and vitamins, and 1.3 % theobromine. Cocoa powder contains a high proportion of natural fibre (nearly 30 %) and a relatively low number of calories (between 200 and 300 Kcal per 100 grams, depending on the percentage of fat).

Contact our team today about the newest additions to our portfolio about cacao products.

Latochema offers Cellulose Powder and specific formulation of Phosphates for cheese production. We also represent the line of flavours and preservatives. Contact our team today about the newest additions to our portfolio for dairy products.
Sodium reduction presents challenges for both food safety and taste. We have responded to issues with the help of Potassium Chloride as a replacement of natural salt.
Latochema carries a line of Phosphates, Lactates and Diacetate blends – for Listeria and microbial control – for the meat industry. We also have products that can aid with sodium reduction, water retention in meat and poultry applications. Pea protein is a rapid growing alternative to soy protein. Contact us to replace your current ingredients with a gluten-free and allergen-free protein.
Latochema offers raw materials to water treatment applications including defoamers, antiscalants. Other products include polyacrylates, polyamines, registered biocides all comparable for potable water.
We offer various solutions for the making of sauces and dressings. Contact us to fully inform you about our product range.
The wine production is a fundamental part of Latochema with quality and consistency assurance. It is part of who we are and what defines our uncompromising French culture. Tannins play a key role in winemaking – from fermenting grape sugar into alcohol, to increasing volume, enhancing wine quality and improving its stability in the ageing and bottling stage.

Latochema proudly owns a small vineyard in the north of Greece and is highly involved in the oenological production. As a producer of wine and supplier of quality products, we collaborate with leading oenological universities and institutes. Thus, we supply a complete range of chemicals like Potassium Bicarbonate, Potassium Metabisulfite, Citric Acid, PVPP, Tartaric Acid for selected oenological applications. Whether it is producing in bulk or super premium wines, our tannins and chemical products are perfect for bespoke solutions for winemakers around the world.

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